The Southern Arizona Gender Alliance (SAGA) is a nonprofit, located in the unceded territory of the Tohono O’odham and Yaqui. Founded in 1998, SAGA has gone through many transformations as our TGNC community’s needs are ever changing. Our mission is to uplift gender euphoria and TGNC + BIPOC artists and our vision is to nurture Southern Arizona to be the most trans affirming region in the US by 2050.

We work towards our vision by holding firm to our abolitionist values and gratitude and pursuit for Black, TGNC, Disabled folks liberation!

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SAGA community members at Tucson Pride 2019
SAGA offers support, social, and discussion groups that reflect the various aspects of gender and society.
Photo of doctor taking patient's blood pressure

Doctors, clinics, psychologists and others who have come experience dealing with transgender...

Photo of two passport books with American flag image in background
Having identity documents that match who we are is a critical component of a life of peace and...

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