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Posted by Miki Odawa on October 23, 2012
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We’re glad you found the Southern Arizona Gender Alliance!

SAGA is a non-profit organization that supports and advocates for southern Arizona’s community of trans identities: transsexual, transgender, genderqueer, masculine of center, feminine of center, non-binary, two-spirit, butch, femme, gender fluid, intersex, and ALL of us who are gender fabulous!

SAGA envisions a society in which transgender, non-binary, and gender-creative people are ensured of their basic rights and can be open, honest and safe at home and in the community. We provide support groups, advocacy, community education, and training for businesses, service providers, and community members on how our allies can be supportive and inclusive.

Desert Girlz Pool Party

Posted by Emma on June 14, 2018
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Sat June 23, 2-7 pm


What could be better in June for beating the heat?



Like last summer, Margot has invited us over for an afternoon at the pool.  She’s fantastic at creating different cozy venues within her fenced backyard from shaded to sunny from wading to swimming.  She’s located in a central location near Speedway and Columbus.  Take advantage of the rare safe opportunity to wear a swimsuit in a supportive friendly non-judgmental place!


This is a SAGA event so is open to all trans-identifying folks and allies.  You will be able to change into your suit, if interested, on site.  You do not have to wear a suit or get in the pool to be welcome.  There is seating for a dozen or so people so if it’s easy, bring a lawn chair as a reserve just in case.  We’ve had large groups attend in the past.  Don’t forget your towel!


The plan is potluck and BYOB (non alcoholic please), Margot is providing plenty of burgers, dogs, buns, condiments, plates, plasticware, cups, paper napkins, and bottled water.  She is making a fruit salad and providing a watermelon.  As for the Potluck part of the meal, please help with something along the following ideas:

  • green salad
  • pasta salad
  • fruit salad or tray
  • veggie tray
  • beans or casserole(this midwestern term may not be familiar to y’all down here, haha)
  • snack items, chips, pretzels, salsa, etc
  • don’t forget something to serve your dish with please, if necessary.

  (If you have special dietary needs, please come prepared, we’re doing standard fare.)


On street parking only!  Please respect the neighbors and do not block mailboxes or driveways!  Also, the neighbor across the street on the corner at 4th wants NO cars in front of his house.


Margot’s address:  Contact


New Support Group in Sierra Vista

Posted by Emma on May 17, 2018
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JOURNEYS – Explorations Of Gender
Journeys is a support and social group in Sierra Vista that is open to any gender creative person, whether they seek a binary gender identity (female to male, male to female) or prefer a gender fluid/non-binary gender identity.We discuss topics covering all concerns of trans* individuals, provide support for those facing the challenges of understanding gender identity, and provide opportunities to socialize after our meetings and on other occasions.

Our goal is to be an extended family of choice for trans* identified and questioning persons in the Sierra Vista area. We offer support and encouragement for anyone making the journey to accepting themselves as the wonderfully unique individuals that they are.
We meet the third Thursday of each month from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at:

Sky Island Unitarian Universalist Church
4533 A North Commerce Drive
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

For questions or more information, please contact 520-333- 5125
Or email us as
We also have a Facebook Page at Journeys: Explorations of Gender

JOURNEYS is a member of the Southern Arizona Gender Alliance

Protect Your Identity

Posted by Emma on February 20, 2018
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WHO will
make health care or final decisions for me if I am unable to express my wishes?

ensure I will be treated as myself if I am hospitalized and unable to communicate?

HOW do I
keep my family from erasing me if something happens to me?

These are variations on questions every one of us will ask as we get older.


And the answers have immense impact on us as trans people and upon our closest friends

We have received several inquiries over the past few months about how to make sure our parents, siblings or children respect our identities and wishes and don’t try to erase who we are in the event we can not make decisions for ourselves, after we pass away or in any situation where we can no longer speak for ourselves.

We have all heard the stories of trans people who transitioned young and lived authentically only to die in a car crash or from a disease in their 20’s and 30’s and have family members bury them in their birth gender with their dead name and leave their trans friends out of the loop. Or the trans person who is incapacitated and left to live in a nursing facility with their family enforcing their inauthentic identity and dead name on them.

When we are incapacitated, our legal system will place us at the mercy of our nearest surviving relatives, even if they are not supportive–unless we take specific measures to prevent this from happening. When something happens, whether we are 95 or 19, it is too late for us or our friends to intervene to protect our legacy.

On March 5th, attorneys Ron Zack and Shanelle Schmitz will be at the SAGA General meeting to speak about measures we can take to ensure our interests, our legacy, and our gender identity and expression are respected and protected when we are no longer able to fight for ourselves.

If you have specific topics or questions you would like to have Ron and Shanelle address, please forward them to me as a response to this email.


Southern Arizona Senior Pride Outreach

Posted by Emma on November 4, 2017
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Outreach to Tucson’s LGBTQI Elder Community

Are you LGBTQI, 55 or older, homebound or living in a Care Community (independent or assisted living, nursing home, boarding home)?


Are you a person with a disability (of any age)?


Are you isolated from your LGBTQI Community? Lonely?


Southern Arizona Senior Pride COMMUNITY CARES PROGRAM-TUCSON would like to offer you


****Friendly Visits and/or PhoneCalls****

with trained volunteers who have had a background check. There is no charge to participate in this program. Please contact Program Coordinator: 520-351-2724 or for an application and home visit.



Team SAGA in El Tour

Posted by Emma on October 6, 2017
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Print, fill out this form and send to SAGA to participate in the ride. To sponsor a rider. If you would like more information about the ride.

SAGA at Bisbee Pride

Posted by Miki Odawa on June 19, 2017
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SAGA at OutBrunch

Posted by Miki Odawa on June 15, 2017
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SAGA members and friends turned out in force to support Tucson’s LGBT inaugural summer OutBrunch on June 10th.  The community-wide celebration, organized by SAAF’s capable Adam Ragan, honored LGBT activists Dea Brasiagella, Laura Alexander, and SAGA’s own Miki Odawa who was given the prestigious Godat Award, named for longtime LGBT activist Ken Godat.



Brandon and Erin at the OutBrunch

Regan in attendance

Miki Odawa receiving the Godat Award


SAGA Opens New Office

Posted by Miki Odawa on June 4, 2017
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2030 East Broadway, Suite 219
(top of the central stairway)

After so many years of working out of the Board member’s homes, SAGA now has an office space and address.  It’s a wonderful space for keeping SAGA growing and active on the forefront of Trans Advocacy and Support for years to come.

Come celebrate the acquisition of the space, but mostly congratulate the board members and yourself!  Yes, you have helped SAGA grow to be the community organization it is today!  The fact is SAGA needs the space because of all the many areas it is active in today.

Support Your Trans Partner

Posted by Miki Odawa on June 4, 2017
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SAGA’s Dezert Partnerz group meets to discover ways a partner, spouse, family member or close friend can support their trans partner through transition and beyond.

How can I understand what my partner is going through?
What kind of support do they need?
How can I show my respect for my partner as they go through transition?
What kind of community support do they need?

Come to SAGA’s Dezert Partnerz meeting to meet others who have gone down the same path. The fourth Monday of every month, 7:00pm – 9:00, Studio One, 197 E. Toole Ave, Tucson.