Southern Arizona Gender Alliance

Transgender Community Support & Advocacy since 1998

Transition Support

  • TransMentors International
    There are so many questions when you are just starting out with transitioning, and finding answers isn’t always easy when scattered all over the internet world. We all needed answers and support when we began our transitions.
  • Unity in Gender Diversity
    This is a website devoted to understanding gender diversity in a spiritual way.
  • TS Road Map
    Transsexual transition is simply a journey. Just like a trip, you decide on
    – your destination
    – the time you’ll need to get there
    – the money you’ll spend….
  • Transbucket A surgery photosharing website for the entire online trans community from FTMs to MTFs to genderqueers, allies, and everyone else who could benefit from exploring the real life experiences collected here. Free registration necessary.
  •  Successful TransMen

    Photos and success stories of postop transmen.