Southern Arizona Gender Alliance

Transgender Community Support & Advocacy since 1998

Speakers Bureau

Our Speakers Bureau provides speakers and panelists for classes, events, businesses, or trainings.

To date, we’ve made more than 250 presentations and delivered our information to thousands of people across the state and beyond.

To schedule a speaker, please call SAGA at (520) 477-7096, or email speakers @
Here is some information we like to know when we schedule a speaker:

Main Contact Person (name, phone, email, address)
Date and Time and Duration of Event
Type of Event (e.g., panel discussion, training, presentation)
Who is the audience for the event (students, general public, etc.)
How many people do you expect to be in attendance?
How much advertising of the event will be done on campus or city/statewide?
Whether the panel discussion is being held in conjunction with another campus/city event such as a class or pride week
Will there be any activities before or after the event?
Will there be any media coverage of the event?
What, if any, funds are available to assist the speaker(s) with expenses for time, travel, meals, etc.
Where will the event be held?
What will be the venue for the panel discussion (auditorium, classroom, etc.)?
How would a speaker get there from Tucson?
Where should the speaker(s) park?
What kind of speaker(s) you would like
How many people do you expect to have on the panel?
What type of speaker(s) would you like to make sure are represented (transsexual/transgender/intersex/crossdresser/bi-gender/male-to-female/female-to-male/significant other/spouse/friend/family member, etc.)
Whether the age, race, gender identity, experience, etc., of the panelists is relevant to your discussion topic.
What is the specific topic for the event? What do you expect the speaker(s) to discuss? If you can provide questions you definitely want covered, that would be helpful.

It is SAGA’s policy to have a moderator for all panel discussions in order to ensure that there will be some level of decorum, safety, and structure for the panelists. Who will serve as your moderator for this panel discussion? Let us know if you would like SAGA to provide a moderator.


Provide a welcome statement and an introduction of the panel topic
Announce that the panel is provided courtesy of the SAGA Speakers Bureau
Announce that he or she will be facilitating the panel discussion
Stress that:
• the panelists have been invited as guests to come and share their personal experiences of being transgender
• the panelists expect that any questions or comments will be asked or spoken in a professional and respectful manner
• personal questions may be asked but that the panelists are not obligated to answer any particular question, and
the panelists will speak only from their own experiences
Announce that he or she will direct the conversation to ensure that it stays on topic and to ensure that only one person is speaking at a time
Start the panel by asking a question of the panelists or by asking them to introduce themselves
End the panel on time

Thank you for your interest.

To schedule a speaker, contact:
SAGA, Inc.
PO Box 41863
Tucson, AZ 85717
520-477-7096 (voice)