Southern Arizona Gender Alliance

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General Shops


Transgender Clothing Exchange

The Tumblr Transgender Clothing Exchange is the place for gender varient people to help other gender varient people out through selling and or giving away clothes as well as purchasing and or receiving clothing. The Tumblr Transgender Clothing Exchange caters to the transgender community by giving them a place to post their clothes and or accessories that they do not need or want anymore and allowing others in the community to have a place to go to find such things they need. The Exchange is open to anybody who identifies or is gender varient or supports the gender varient community.


Transmasculine / FtM Shops



Sells packers, STPs, harnesses, boxers, briefs, etc. Has starter kits and tips for newcomers.



US based. The site is mainly for cismen who want slimming devices, but has a separate section specifically for FtMs. Has the cheapest binders of any company ($30+). Most widely used. Has a swimming model as well.


Mango Products

Geared toward FtMs. A full line of FTM prostheses, harnesses, and chest binders that allow you to present a totally male appearance. Have STPs made specifically for pre-op transmasculine folks.