Southern Arizona Gender Alliance

Transgender Community Support & Advocacy since 1998

Online Forums

Laura’s Playground

A Transsexual Transgender ed Crossdressers Support Site. Forums for FTMs, MTFs, questioning, and gender variant individuals.


The Levamentum Project

Main forums include general chat, masculine identified, feminine identified, gender nonconforming, significant others, and resources.


What is Gender?

A support forum for transgender and non-binary folks and their significant others.



A support forum for transgender and non-binary folks.


AVEN Gender Forum

Gender discussion forum.


The Transgender Boards

The Transgender Boards is a free and open transgender community discussion forum. The mission and purpose of this community is to provide help, support, and information to people affected directly or indirectly with Gender Dysphoria, Gender Identity Disorder, or GID, and their significant others, family, and friends.