Southern Arizona Gender Alliance

Transgender Community Support & Advocacy since 1998

Informed Consent Clinics and Doctors


Dr. Mark Wheeler
1501 N Campbell Ave Suite 3341
Tucson, AZ 85724
Pediatric Endocrynoligist that prescribes hormone blockers etc. for minors. Will see patients over 18 as long as they are still in school.

Dr. David Johnson
1501 N Campbell Ave
(520) 626-6376
Adult Endocrinologist

Nationwide Clinics

The Mazzoni Center (Philadelphia)
Mazzoni Center is committed to providing compassionate and nonjudmental health care to Philadelphia’s diverse transgender community.

Callen-Lorde Community Health Center (New York)
Only do informed consent for clients over age 21. Offers hormones, pelvic chest and PAP exams, harm counseling, etc.

Whitman-Walker Clinic (Washington D. C.)
WW’s goal is to meet each patient’s overall health care needs through comprehensive primary care in a comfortable, safe and respectful environment. We recognize the unique barriers that transgender and gender variant individuals face in seeking health services and seek to provide affirming care to all patients. We are pleased to offer comprehensive medical and behavioral health services and other supportive services that we see as critical resources for all of our patients. WW providers engage patients in a process that emphasizes partnership, education and self-determination. We view treatment as a cooperative effort between patient and provider and strive to establish relationships with our patients in which we are partners in this process.

Fenway Health (Boston)
The Transgender Health Program at Fenway helps to ensure quality and informed care for trans women, trans men, gender-queer, affirmed men and women, and others who have health care needs unique to gender expressions and identities that may vary from societally imposed expectations or norms. Fenway provides supportive and sensitive care regardless of gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, religion, or socio-economic status.

Howard Brown Health Center (Chicago)
Howard Brown Health Center is committed to improving the health of the transgender community. We offer several programs that center around issues that the transgender community faces, and our medical, behavioral health, and case management staff sensitive to the special needs of our transgender clients.

Fan Free Clinic (Richmond)
Services lower income patients only Virginia’s first free clinic.  Transgender (TG) Clinic (medical and counseling services and support customized for the TG community)

Feminist Women’s Health Center (Atlanta)
Our expanding program currently specializes in services to FtM, trans masculine, and intersex clients, offering annual physical exams (including lower and pelvic exams with HPV testing), chest exams (pre and post-surgical), STI screenings, and lab work as needed.  Our protocols are designed to reduce barriers to health care for transgender individuals without compromising the quality of services we provide to all clients. As a nonprofit organization devoted to reproductive justice, we are able to offer services priced at affordable rates with sliding scale discounts for those who qualify.

Gender Education, Advocacy, and Resources (Dallas)
GEAR is dedicated to empowering transgender men and women within the community through educational and social opportunities, outreach and medical services. GEAR focuses on increasing the well-being of all transgender people, their families and their friends. Yahoo and Facebook groups are active.

Legacy Montrose Clinic (Houston)
Dr. Natalie Vanek specializes in HRT. Offer many other services such as primary care, etc.

Stout Street Clinic (Denver)
(Not sure if they operate under informed consent). Stout Street Clinic is the place to go for Transgender indigent health care.  They provide hormones, testing, and follow WPATH’s guidelines.  They also have other services, such as counseling, psych care, eye care, and other services.

Reclaim Integrative Health Clinic (Minneapolis)
Offers support groups, community trainings, and mental and physical health services for LGBT youth and community.

Lyon-Martin Health Services (San Francisco)
Because of widespread discrimination and misunderstanding, transgender people often avoid healthcare. At Lyon-Martin, we have created a trans-affirmative environment that encourages patients to develop an ongoing relationship with one of our transgender specialists that goes beyond just getting hormones and looks at all of their health and wellness needs.
Services include: Routine primary care, Trans-affirmative gynecology care, referrals for trans-sensitive mammography, hormone therapy for gender transition, HIV and STD testing diagnosis and treatment, mental health counseling, and group therapy. Sliding scale options, insurance accepted.

Dimensions Clinic, Castro-Mission Health Services (San Francisco)
Informed consent clinic in SF. Provides HRT services as well as youth programs. See website.

Tom Waddell Health Center (San Francisco)

FTMI Sponsored T Community Clinic (Los Angeles)
Services offered in spanish and english. Serving the trans* community of Los Angeles. No letter required. Sliding scale.

Trans Visions (Freemont)
All staff members are transwomen. Services offered in spanish and english. Serving FTM, MTF, genderqueer clients. No insurance is OK.