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Fact Sheets and Reports

2020 Transgender Health Fact Sheet

Info on health (HIV, access to health services, substance use and abuse) as well as insurance or lack thereof.

“This fact sheet reviews epidemiological data reported in behavioral risk studies and needs assessment surveys obtained from convenience samples of 50 to 517 transgender participants conducted in the U.S. and published from 1993 to 2010. The findings are grouped by Healthy People 2020 topic area.”

(27-74% transmasculine, 14-41% transfeminine people undergoing medical transitions without supervision.)

“In 2010, a small number of major health insurance carriers finally recognized treatment related to sex reassignment as medically necessary, and have begun to develop medical coverage positions.”



Resource page for people that identify as neutrois: agender, neutral-gender, genderqueer. Site has a community section with blogs by neutrois individuals, and resources such as media, local, forums, non-binary websites,


Hormones: A Guide for FTMs / Transmasculine identified people

Great guide to testosterone: dosages, types, permanent effects, non-permanent effects, a timetable of changes by month, health care info, etc.