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M-Spectrum is open to all bois, transmen, trannyfags, FtMs, and those questioning. Basically all people who are or think they are towards the male end of the gender spectrum whether you’re a masculine person in a “female” body, a “fully medically transitioned man” or an effeminate transman doesn’t matter. We hope to see you there!

M-Spectrum meets the 3rd Sundays of the month in the southern part of Phoenix, near 44th Street and Elliot.

Sean-Michael Bryce


Az Trans Masculine Society

Every Sunday from 6 – 8pm in Phoenix.Welcomes *everyone* who was assigned female at birth but who does not identify as such. Members currently range from age 14 to 64, some are just starting their “gender journey” and some have medically transitioned several decades ago. An affiliated SOFFA group (Significant others, Family, Friends, & Allies) also meets at same time and place. From 6p-7p the two meet as individual groups, then 7p-8p they meet as one big group. Weekly meetings are currently averaging 40 people. More information about the groups:

ATMS email:
ATMS FaceBook:
SOFFA email:
SOFFA FaceBook:


Gender Explorers

Personal Growth Group
Friday Evenings in TempeThis group will facilitate members’ personal identity exploration and growth. Through feedback and affirmation, members will explore common and individual experiences.

Group Goals:

  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Develop effective strategies for caring for yourself
  • Define your personal identity
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Enhance your interpersonal relationships

This group is open to persons who are interested in processing their needs, concerns, hopes, and dreams with others in a safe and confidential environment.

An individual intake is required prior to joining the group. There is a $25 charge for the intake appointment. There is a $15 charge per group session or $50 charge for five consecutive sessions. Group sessions will run for five-week periods. During the intake details about the group and the benefits of group therapy will be discussed. For more information or to schedule a group intake appointment please call Heather Aidala, Psy.D. at 480-332-5608.


Transgender Harmony

The mission of Transgendered Harmony is to provide resources and opportunities for the support of ALL transgendered persons in the pursuit of health and happiness in their lives. We believe this will be accomplished through education, personal interaction developing a fuller understanding and acceptance of self, raising the understanding and acceptance by the general public, professional counseling and providing a support network.


Transgendered Harmony
P.O. Box 10792
Phoenix, AZ  85016-0792

Chapter Alpha Zeta, Tri Ess Society

Support group in the Phoenix area focusing on the heterosexual cross-dresser, but open and accepting to all transgender people. Membership is screened and by invitation only

PO Box 83927
Phoenix, AZ 85071

Chapter RhoEtaChi, Tri Ess Society

Support group for heterosexual cross-dressers in Phoenix. Membership is screened and by invitation only.

PO Box 24033
Phoenix, AZ 85071

Ladies Night Out

Phoenix social/support group for M2F crossdressers.

Crossdressing can be fun– discovering yourself and developing this inner person. Is it scary? You bet. Is it exhilarating? Very much so! Will I be criticized or ostrasized by others? In all probablility, no. YOU have the ability to enjoy yourself and others by expressing this innermost desire to show your feminine side.

Kristen Smith

Arizona Outings

Online Yahoo group for publicizing GLBT events in Arizona. Contact Lari Sue Young at for details.


Northern Arizona Gender Alliance

The Northern Arizona Gender Alliance, our sister organization in Flagstaff, is a Network of gender-variant people and allies living in Northern and Central Arizona. NAGA provides direct connections to support groups and peer counseling for people who are facing challenges regarding their gender identity or that of significant others in their local areas. Additionally, NAGA maintains resource lists of professionals in the Mental Health, Medical, Cosmetic, Legal, or related services who are supportive and interested in working with gender-variant clients.

NAGA has a web presence at

Northern Arizona Gender Alliance


  • A network of gender-variant people and allies living in northern and central Arizona.