Southern Arizona Gender Alliance

Transgender Community Support & Advocacy since 1998

Documents You Can Download

These are some documents prepared by SAGA, which you can read online or download to print and distribute to others as appropriate.

SAGA General Info and Meeting Schedule

What defines someone’s gender?
What does it means to be transgender?
Do you know of a place in Tucson to find answers to questions like these?

PDF Click here to download the SAGA brochure and meeting schedule!


Name and Gender Marker Changes

SAGA members have had some success obtaining name and gender marker changes on their drivers licenses and other Arizona documents. Everybody’s situation is different, and you are strongly urged to obtain help from a professional or a knowledgeable peer before undertaking any action that involves a court of law. With that being said, here are sample forms that you may choose to use.

PDFGuide to procedures for changing name and gender marker.

PDFSample letters your physician can write in support of your petition.

PDFSample court petition for name change.

Gender Identity 101

Most people think gender is fixed and immutable and that everyone is either a man or a woman, male or female. Yet, gender and gender identity is far more complex than merely the description of a person’s genitalia. Gender identity is determined by many factors, the most important of which is considered by some to be psychological, even spiritual, rather than physical…

PDF Click here for a copy of Gender Identity 101

Goodrum Project Documents

The Goodrum project seeks to support and empower transgender people in seeking out appropriate mental health services, while offering support and education to service providers.

PDF Brochure explaining Goodrum services for clients.
PDF Brochure detailing services from provider perspective.

Corporate Documents

SAGA’s official corporate documents are stored here for you to download if you need documentation of our corporate status or governmental reports.
Here you will find our