Pizza at Brooklyn Pizza

(534 N. 4th Avenue, Tucson)

Share a slice with friends!

Tuesday April 24, 6 pm.

Fourth Avenue is a vibrant place we all are acquainted with. This month’s event is right in the middle of 4th! Sure, it’s a weeknight, but at a day and a time to allow you to make it for a quick slice of pizza with your friends in the community and not fight crowds.

Brooklyn Pizza is right on 4th with tables outside and a dozen more inside. SAGA has generously provided up to two Large Pizzas for us to share and if more is needed we can share the cost.

With all of the businesses and ‘hangouts’ nearby, the idea is to grab some pizza and then drift off to another venue to continue our time together. One suggestion might be that right next door is the Sky Bar that hosts free live music and get this…free pool on their 3 tables that night! If it’s a clear sky they also have telescopes and astronomers to help you observe the night sky, cool! Another idea is IBT’s with a DJ, dancing, and a big patio out back. Of course there are stores still open if shopping is your thing.

SAGA in no way condones alcohol consumption and this event will not provide for or endorse it’s use in any way. Brooklyn Pizza serves only soda.

Sure, it’s a weeknight, yes many of us work, but we all have to eat so come on down, you just don’t have to stay all night!

So don’t veg out at home alone Tuesday night next week – come on down and grab a slice of pizza and community on 4th!