• St.Phillips Trans 101 Training - Zoom participants

Becoming a Better Trans Ally

Since 1998, SAGA has provided Trans Comprehension Trainings to our community leaders from schools, to businesses, to nonprofits, and religious institutions. We believe in equipping our community leaders for success in treating trans and gender nonconforming people with respect and dignity in order for the whole community of Southern Arizona to transform. As the times change, we stay up to date on creating strategic plans for communities to combat and re-imagine transphobic systems and structures.

SAGA tailors each training to meet the needs of different workplaces. In fact, a (free) consultation period is required before scheduling a training.

A Trans 101 Training will include the following:

  • Basic terms and concepts relating to sex, gender, sexual orientation, and trans identity

  • Practicing pronouns and why it’s so important

  • Highlighting trans history as started and led by Black and Brown trans women

  • Next steps to take

  • Individual, small group, and whole group activities/discussions

It is highly recommended that folx schedule a Trans 101 Training before moving onto more in-depth training.

Training Rates:
Non-profit: $150/hr
School/Business: $250/hr
**We suggest to please plan for a 3 hour session**

For more information please contact our program manager, AJ Tiedeman:
(520) 345-4128



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