Name and Gender Marker Change
This page will explain the steps required to change your name and gender marker on your Arizona driver’s license or ID card, your Social Security records and your U.S. passport. (For information on birth certificate changes, contact SAGA.)

Doctors and Health Information
Doctors, clinics, psychologists and others who have come experience dealing with transgender clients or patients. As with all professionals, it is important that you select a provider whose experience and approach is relevant to your own needs. Listing in this directory is not intended as an endorsement of the clinician, but rather as a starting point for you in your own search for a professional who is appropriate to you.

Youth and Families
Transgender and gender-variant youth, their families, and their communities often face unnecessary isolation, discrimination, and harassment. By providing information on community resources, advocacy, and support programs, SAGA hopes to promote the physical, emotional, and social health of transgender and gender-variant youth and their communities.

Crisis Intervention
If you feel like hurting yourself or just need someone to talk to please come to a SAGA event/meeting and/or reach out to a resource on Crisis Intervention page. Support and friendship is just a short step away.

Other Resources


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