Thank You Letter to the Community

"Black Trans Lives Matter" written over trans flag
Jun. 12, 2020 (all day)

Dear SAGA Community,

We are writing to extend our gratitude to all those who have supported us and our work these past few months. This shout out is for all those who joined us over Zoom, partook in our Trans Care Packages, shared our voice on Facebook, donated your time, or gifted us financially: you have helped fuel us with strength and hope for a better future.

Thank you to all who specifically donated to our Southern AZ Trans COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. Because of you, we were able to redistribute $7,700 to 40 of our Southern Arizona trans community members! Furthermore, in response to the imperative work that is going on to support, celebrate, and demand justice for Black folx in the U.S., we allocated the remainder of our COVID-19 Fund ($985) to Tucson Reparations, the Tucson Second Chance Community Bail Fund, and the UA Black Student Union’s incredible rally held this past Saturday, June 6th. We believe in the vital work of redistributing funds to marginalized communities, so that they may have autonomy over those funds and their lives. This is at the core of launching our Southern AZ Trans COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund and it is at the core of including the opportunity of cash redistribution in our Trans Care Packages. So thank you, to all our donors, who helped make this mission possible.

As we continue onward in the fight for liberation for all trans and gender nonconforming folx, we pledge to center and uplift Black TGNC voices. That being said, we recognize that we still have a lot of work to do regarding the reconfiguration of an historically white org. Relationships with BIPOC communities must be repaired, we must continue to hold our white trans community members accountable, and we must use our platform to speak out against any and all forms of anti-blackness.

To reiterate and expand upon our stance we took via Facebook on June 1st, we at the Southern Arizona Gender Alliance are in unwavering solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We denounce the violent acts by police departments across the country and we challenge the inherently racist police system, which is founded in anti-blackness to uphold white power. We echo the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement by calling for an immediate plan of action to defund the police and move towards a world in which there are no police, and instead, there are more counselors, social workers, rehabilitation centers, and folx who are strictly trained to de-escalate violent situations.

This new world requires that we actively reflect on which programs are severely underfunded and neglected, and which programs are financially stable and prioritized. As part of the trans community and as a grassroots org, we can testify to the unsettling and upsetting lack of resources for TGNC folx. We know this lack of resources is not a coincidence; we know that it is tied to the centuries of underfunded efforts by the government and educational institutions that are informed by transphobia. That being said, the effects of the U.S.’s severely underfunded educational, housing, and health systems staggeringly impacts the lives of Black folx in ways that non-Black folx cannot relate. Black communities are not merely neglected, but actively suppressed by the anti-black systems of power that founded and operate this nation.

Reflecting on this sobering reality, we call on all non-Black folx in our SAGA community to join us in keeping ourselves and our government accountable to protect and celebrate Black lives. Likewise as we cry out for the world to protect and celebrate trans lives, we must do the same for all our Black siblings. A better world is possible!

"... The decolonization of the imagination is the most dangerous and subversive form there is: for it is where all other forms of decolonization are born. Once the imagination is unshackled, liberation is limitless." - Walidah Imarisha

In Solidarity,

The Southern Arizona Gender Alliance

Shout Out to Our Donors! <3

  • Abby Jensen (she/her)
  • Arizona Community Foundation
  • Brandon (he/him)
  • CFSA LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund
  • Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
  • Daniyar Shtoto (they/them)
  • Douglas Noffsinger (he/him)
  • Fangamer, LLC
  • Heather Mace (she/her)
  • Jane Noonan (she/her)
  • Jane Tierney (she/her)
  • Jenan Jacobson (she/her)
  • Jose Trujillo (he/him)
  • Justine (she/her)
  • Laura Alexander (she/her)
  • Laura Joy Tiedeman (she/her)
  • Lizette Trujillo (she/her)
  • Lorena De Frias (they/them)
  • Maddie Farr (she/her)
  • Megan Mogan (she/her)
  • Michelle Lauck (she/her)
  • Nora Collins (she/her)
  • Renee Viscount (she/they)
  • Richard Muszynski (he/him)
  • Roger Funk (he/him)
  • Tegan and Sara Foundation
  • The Fierce Pride
  • The Miller Family
  • Trans Justice Funding Project

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