Southern AZ Trans COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

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Apr. 22, 2020 (all day)

These are uncertain times, but especially for those who are more economically vulnerable. If you do not need your stimulus check, please consider donating your stimulus check (or part of it) to SAGA, who will directly distribute cash (NOT material items/services) to our more vulnerable Southern AZ trans community members. We are launching this emergency relief fund because a $1,200 check will not begin to repair the damage of COVID-19 nor the intersecting systems of economic oppression in place beforehand. Furthermore, some of our Southern AZ trans community members’ identities intersect with an undocumented status, meaning that they do not recieve stimulus checks soley because of their documentation status. However, they still pay taxes just like those with U.S. citizenship. It is imperative that we understand the multitude of intersecting identities of all our trans community members in order to better serve our Southern AZ trans community.

Summary of Southern AZ Trans COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund Operations:

  • Call for donations to the Southern AZ Trans COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

  • If you’re able to donate:

    • CashApp: $SAGATucson

    • Venmo: @SAGATucson

    • PayPal: “Southern Arizona Gender Alliance, Inc.”

  • If you’re Trans, Gender Nonconforming, and/or Two-Spirit and looking for emergency relief funds please fill out this form:

  • Each trans individual may request up to $300 to support their wellbeing from trans-affirming supplies to rent

For transparency:

@Donors - We will report back about the total amount donated and the number of people helped. Thank you so much to all who donate, in advance! Much love to you and your loved ones.

@Applicants - Depending on the amount of funds and applications we receive, there might be a waitlist. We will try our best to campaign for the amount of funds requested! Make sure to circulate this post! <3

In solidarity,

The SAGA Board

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