SAGA Support Groups transitioning to IN PERSON

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May. 23, 2022 (all day)

We have some exciting news! After a long 2 years, SAGA's support groups will slowly be transitioning to IN PERSON thanks to our new partnership with the Splinter Collective! Thank you @splintercollective520!

We will be holding our in person support groups in Splinter's courtyard where we will create a circle of folding chairs. We will also continue to provide a Zoom option as well.

Please make sure to follow us on insta/facebook or email us to receive the schedule for the next few months, as not all the support groups will be in person right away.

Accessibility Notes: Courtyard is all one level. Whole space has wheelchair access. There are loud trains sometimes. There are 2 bathroom stalls, all gender, one with a grab bar, and the ground is level and compacted decomposed granite but some chair users have not found it totally accessible, FYI - Splinter is working on that.

In Person: Splinter Collective @ 901 N. 3th Ave
Zoom: Email


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