Kindred Connections to hold QTBIPOC community healing space

Background of desert with sun and saguaro cactus and hills with text "We need your support. Please help our Tucson QTBIPOC community have a successful, supportive community healing gathering. We are in need of: prepared meal to share, QTBIPOC healing artists, art supplies and funds.  Donate funds to: @KindredConnectionsTucs"
May. 28, 2022 (all day)

Please help our Tucson QTBIPOC community to have a successful, supportive community healing gathering.

Kindred Connections (KC) is a Tucson-based collective created by and dedicated to holistic wellness for Trans, Two-Spirit, Gender Non-conforming, & Queer BIPOC folks in Tucson, AZ.

Kindred Connections is in need of:

  • a prepared meal to share
  • QTBIPOC healing artists
  • funds
  • art supplies

You can also donate funds directly:

"Our Tucson QTBIPOC community is reeling from recent news of abuses perpetuated in our community and ongoing social and political attacks on our community and its members. We have learned new ways to survive despite physical isolation in these past few years, but many of us are longing for and in need of something more.

Kindred Connections is holding a QTBIPOC only healing space so as a community we can connect, process and begin to heal.

Please let us know if you or your org can donate a prepared meal for sharing, have art supplies to donate, or you are a QTBIPOC healing artist and want to offer your services. Donations are also tax deductible.

We are *especially* calling on our white allies to support our healing.

Thank you!"


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