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Support Groups

Due to COVID19 SAGA will be using ZOOM Meetings for groups. Please visit the SAGA private Facebook page for Zoom meeting details or send a message to the group email address.

SAGA offers support, social, and discussion groups for various trans and gender nonconforming (TGNC) folks and their loved ones. Be yourself and dress however you like — there’s no pressure. You don’t need to be TGNC-identified, or have your gender "figured out" to attend a meeting or get involved. Allies welcome!

Group Guidelines:

  • Our support groups are anonymous spaces. Everything that is said in group stays in group.
  • Please use “I” statements. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and experiences things in different ways. For example, when talking about what makes you feel gender euphoric, please use statements like: "Wearing lipstick makes me feel gender euphoric" instead of "Wearing lipstick makes trans fem people feel gender euphoric." The latter is a generalized statement that we want to steer away from to make room for our diverse and multiple valid experiences.
  • Be mindful of the space you may take up. Be ready to be called in if needed.
  • We all slip up when it comes to prejudices because we’re all learning and growing, but just know that we will address any racist, homophobic, ablest, etc rhetoric and expect folks to be open to discussion and change.

General SAGA Meeting
This is a peer-led support and social group for those who identify along the TGNC spectrum! Allies welcome! A great starting place for first-timers and visitors!

First Mondays of each month (including holidays)
Questions? Contact AJ at saga@sagatucson.org

Desert Sisters
This is a peer-led support and social group for those who identify along the trans feminine spectrum! Allies welcome!

Second Mondays
Questions? Contact Grayce at desertsisters@sagatucson.org

TGNC BIPOC Support Group
This is a peer-led support and social group for TGNC BIPOC folks. Allies who also identify as BIPOC are welcome (no white people please).

Second Wednesdays
Questions? Contact Yann at transbipoc@sagatucson.org

Gender Outlawz
This is a peer-led support and social group for those who identify along the nonbinary, genderqueer, gender fluid, gender nonconforming spectrum! Allies welcome!

Third Mondays
7:00 – 9:00pm
Questions?  Contact Grayce at genderoutlawz@sagatucson.org

Desert Boyz
This is a peer-led support and social group for those who identify along the trans masculine spectrum! Allies welcome!

Fourth Tuesdays
Questions? Contact AJ at desertboyz@sagatucson.org

Families Transformed of Southern Arizona
Families Transformed of Southern Arizona's mission is “to create and support a network of families embracing their children’s gender non-conformity in a kind and loving manner.”   The support group currently provides 2 monthly meetings for the parents/care-takers of gender-diverse children from across Southern AZ, offers education to help the broader community better understand the unique experiences of their children and families, and provides opportunities for their children to connect and socialize with one another.

Second Thursdays and Saturdays
6-8pm and 10am-12pm (respectively)
Questions? Contact Lizette at familiestransformed@sagatucson.org

Dezert Counselorz
A consultation group for therapists who work with TGNC clients.

Third Saturdays
Questions? Contact desertcounselorz@sagatucson.org


Desert Advocatz
**The Desert Advocatz is on hiatus at the moment.** Analysis and action group for all kinds of people who are interested in community advocacy and civic engagement around the role of trans people in society. This group is intended to help trans people and our allies become more effective in affecting the laws and customs that rule our lives.

Questions? Contact desertadvocatz@sagatucson.org

Desert Partners
**The Desert Partners group is on hiatus at the moment.** Desert Partners meetings are open to anyone who is in a close relationship in which at least one of the partners identifies along the TGNC spectrum, (i.e., partners, parents, children, close friends). Please remember, SAGA support groups are peer-facilitated and are not professional therapy sessions. These meetings are not intended as couples therapy, but rather as a supportive space where people can gain a better understanding from one another of the ways gender diversity may impact relationships.

Fourth Mondays
Questions? Contact desertpartnerz@sagatucson.org



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