Southern Arizona Gender Alliance

Transgender Community Support & Advocacy since 1998

Online Communities

ImageFind us on Facebook!  Our Facebook page is a closed and private group for those who join. The group is for announcements and discussion for folks in our community.  Do a search for Southern Arizona Gender Alliance ,and click the Join button on the right side of the page. Then jump right in for SAGA good times and discussion!
SAGA-sponsored Yahoo Groups…

We’ve increased our online presence to enhance the connections made in our real-world groups and to make our services more accessible to those who need them. We invite you to explore all of our Yahoo groups:

  • SAGA-AZ: SAGA news, announcements, and related info, local and national T and LGBT news. All SAGA members and friends should subscribe to SAGA-AZ
  • SAGAchat: for a wide-ranging discussion of items from the SAGA-AZ news list, plus general transgender and transition issues

Other Arizona Yahoo Groups

  • Central Arizona Gender Alliance (CAGA)
    CAGA is a place for all transgender/transsexual persons and their allies to come together in Central Arizona. Our website is a collage of information from all of the transgender/transsexual groups in this area. Here you will find support, social, and discussion, Also visit for educational and discussion forums, photo gallery, etc.
  • Northern Arizona Gender Alliance (NAGA)
    The Northern Arizona Gender Alliance is a Network of gender-variant people and allies living in Northern and Central Arizona. NAGA envisions a world where people of all genders are assured of our inalienable right to live openly and safely as our true selves, free from shame, abuse, ridicule, discrimination, or fear of violence.
  • Arizona Trans Alliance
    The mission of Arizona Transgender Alliance is to improve the lives of Transgender/Transsexuals in the State of Arizona through public education, advocacy of their equal rights and equal participation in society, support and development within the Transgender/Transsexual community, and by working to bring down the barriers which obstruct Transgender/Transsexuals in their lives, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.
  • Arizona Outings And Events
    Dedicated to forming long-term friendships with ALL ‘Progressive Lifestyles’ represented in the Great State of Arizona. Any Alternative Group is invited to announce its activities that are open to the entire community. I-N-F-O-R-M-A-T-I-O-N about gatherings, outings, and public socials welcomed.

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