Sat May 13, 3-6 pm

The day is almost upon us and the weather will be great for a cook out!  Kristy is opening her house to us for the potluck bbq meal.  She has a beautiful large covered patio with plenty of seating and room to mingle.

The event is a Desert Girls Social.  This means although it is open to all trans folk and allies, it is sponsored by the ‘Girlz’.  Because of dogs and preferences, there is an age minimum of 16.  Come alone or bring your ‘significant other’!

The plan is potluck and BYOB (non alcoholic please), Kristy is providing plenty of burgers, brats, buns, condiments, plates, plasticware, cups, paper napkins, and bottled water.  There will also be key lime pie for dessert.  As for the Potluck part of the meal, please help us with something along the following ideas:

  • green salad
  • pasta salad
  • fruit salad or tray
  • veggie tray
  • beans or casserole (this midwestern term may not be familiar to y’all down here, haha)  (well in the deep upper midwest it’s called “hot dish”, ha ha ha!)
  • snack items, chips, pretzels, salsa, etc
  • surprise us all!

If you have special dietary needs, i.e. veggie, gluten free, allergy, etc, please come prepared, we’re doing standard fare.

For Kristy’s address contact:

I hope many of you can join us in this great space.  I was there just yesterday, mid 90’s, the shaded patio was delightfully cool and breezy.