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SAGA Social

Posted by Emma Morris on March 4, 2018
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BBQ Lunch at Kristyn’s

Saturday March 10, 2018 from 1-6 pm

This month our Social brings us a simple bbq lunch as a gathering and treat for the group.  Once again Kristyn is opening her house and patio to the SAGA Social group.  Come join us as we gather around the grill for warm food and heart warming conversation with friends!
SAGA is providing a simple lunch of burgers, baked beans, potato salad, chips, veggies, and water.  

This is not a pot luck!  Instead it’s a freebie, just come on by when you can and show up hungry.  If you are inspired feel free to bring a treat, cookies or such, but there is no need to fill out the menu.  Again, this is not a pot luck!

Kristyn’s shaded patio has lots of seating and has plenty of spots that still get the sun for you that like that.  If you prefer, head inside her house while you enjoy your lunch with friends.

Kristyn’s address: available through, put SAGA Social in the subject.


Protect Your Identity

Posted by Emma Morris on February 20, 2018
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WHO will
make health care or final decisions for me if I am unable to express my wishes?

ensure I will be treated as myself if I am hospitalized and unable to communicate?

HOW do I
keep my family from erasing me if something happens to me?

These are variations on questions every one of us will ask as we get older.


And the answers have immense impact on us as trans people and upon our closest friends

We have received several inquiries over the past few months about how to make sure our parents, siblings or children respect our identities and wishes and don’t try to erase who we are in the event we can not make decisions for ourselves, after we pass away or in any situation where we can no longer speak for ourselves.

We have all heard the stories of trans people who transitioned young and lived authentically only to die in a car crash or from a disease in their 20’s and 30’s and have family members bury them in their birth gender with their dead name and leave their trans friends out of the loop. Or the trans person who is incapacitated and left to live in a nursing facility with their family enforcing their inauthentic identity and dead name on them.

When we are incapacitated, our legal system will place us at the mercy of our nearest surviving relatives, even if they are not supportive–unless we take specific measures to prevent this from happening. When something happens, whether we are 95 or 19, it is too late for us or our friends to intervene to protect our legacy.

On March 5th, attorneys Ron Zack and Shanelle Schmitz will be at the SAGA General meeting to speak about measures we can take to ensure our interests, our legacy, and our gender identity and expression are respected and protected when we are no longer able to fight for ourselves.

If you have specific topics or questions you would like to have Ron and Shanelle address, please forward them to me as a response to this email.


SAGA Social

Posted by Emma Morris on February 14, 2018
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Pizza at Brooklyn Pizza

(534 N. 4th Avenue, Tucson)

Share a slice with friends!

Tuesday Feb 20, 6 pm.

Fourth Avenue is a vibrant place we all are acquainted with. This month’s event is right in the middle of 4th! Sure, it’s a weeknight, but at a day and a time to allow you to make it for a quick slice of pizza with your friends in the community and not fight crowds.

Brooklyn Pizza is right on 4th with tables outside and a dozen more inside. SAGA has generously provided up to two Large Pizzas for us to share and if more is needed we can share the cost.

With all of the businesses and ‘hangouts’ nearby, the idea is to grab some pizza and then drift off to another venue to continue our time together. One suggestion might be that right next door is the Sky Bar that hosts free live music and get this…free pool on their 3 tables that night! If it’s a clear sky they also have telescopes and astronomers to help you observe the night sky, cool! Another idea is IBT’s with a DJ, dancing, and a big patio out back. Of course there are stores still open if shopping is your thing.

SAGA in no way condones alcohol consumption and this event will not provide for or endorse it’s use in any way. Brooklyn Pizza serves only soda.

Sure, it’s a weeknight, yes many of us work, but we all have to eat so come on down, you just don’t have to stay all night!

So don’t veg out at home alone Tuesday night next week – come on down and grab a slice of pizza and community on 4th!

Supporting Trans Youth and Families

Posted by Miki Odawa on January 22, 2018
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Bilingual Event • Translation Available (English/Spanish)

SAGA Social

Posted by Emma Morris on January 21, 2018
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Coffee at the Hotel Congress

311 E. Congress Street, Tucson)

a weekend event downtown

Saturday January 27, 2018 at 10:00 am.


Let’s take advantage of the Hotel Congress in downtown Tucson for our monthly get-together.  (The entire staff of the Hotel received trans-awareness training by SAGA last fall over 3 days!)  It’s a classic and historic location in the city offering the Cup Cafe for your morning pick-me-up and plenty of places/spaces to gather both inside and outside the Hotel.

Downtown is an active place on Saturdays with many restaurants and public spaces to enjoy after your coffee.  It’s all within walking distance from the Hotel and it’s Tucson casual.  There’s a ramp across 5th from the hotel and on street parking is free (no meters) on Saturdays.

The monthly support groups are great, but there’s never enough time to chat and spend time getting to know each other.  Although Desert Girls members organize the event, this is a SAGA social gathering and is open to all trans folk and allies who want to come.  In an effort to remove barriers, a donor has provided some funds for those who can’t make coffee at a downtown shop fit in their budget (see Allison on arriving).

So climb out of bed and greet the day with SAGA over a cup of coffee at ’The Congress’!

This event will be posted on Facebook and the SAGA website for reference.


Southern Arizona Senior Pride Outreach

Posted by Emma Morris on November 4, 2017
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Outreach to Tucson’s LGBTQI Elder Community

Are you LGBTQI, 55 or older, homebound or living in a Care Community (independent or assisted living, nursing home, boarding home)?


Are you a person with a disability (of any age)?


Are you isolated from your LGBTQI Community? Lonely?


Southern Arizona Senior Pride COMMUNITY CARES PROGRAM-TUCSON would like to offer you


****Friendly Visits and/or PhoneCalls****

with trained volunteers who have had a background check. There is no charge to participate in this program. Please contact Program Coordinator: 520-351-2724 or for an application and home visit.



ACA Enrollment

Posted by Emma Morris on November 1, 2017
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ACA Enrollment

Beginning this Friday, November 3rd, Claire Swinford will be hosting office hours every Friday at the SAGA main office to assist all those interested in learning about health care coverage and the necessary steps for ACA enrollment. Please come by with any questions, comments, and concerns. Walk-ins are welcome.

Claire is a certified ACA navigator and has been performing this work for many years


Other times available by appointment.
10 AM – 4 PM


If you have any questions, or would like additional assistance, please email or call (520) 477-7096 and leave a message. We hope to see you there!

Team SAGA in El Tour

Posted by Emma Morris on October 6, 2017
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Print, fill out this form and send to SAGA to participate in the ride. To sponsor a rider. If you would like more information about the ride.

SAGA at Bisbee Pride

Posted by Miki Odawa on June 19, 2017
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SAGA at OutBrunch

Posted by Miki Odawa on June 15, 2017
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SAGA members and friends turned out in force to support Tucson’s LGBT inaugural summer OutBrunch on June 10th.  The community-wide celebration, organized by SAAF’s capable Adam Ragan, honored LGBT activists Dea Brasiagella, Laura Alexander, and SAGA’s own Miki Odawa who was given the prestigious Godat Award, named for longtime LGBT activist Ken Godat.



Brandon and Erin at the OutBrunch

Regan in attendance

Miki Odawa receiving the Godat Award