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Transgender Lives

Posted by Miki Odawa on November 25, 2008
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by Alison Davison

There are several issues and some flaws in our communities’ ways of working through our own very difficult and often confusing journeys. I’ve heard several respected therapists who work with transgender people suggest treating us for PTSD or severe grief reactions. I’m not sure that is called for with all of us but I do think we (trans folk) often minimize the challenges and losses we face.

On Appearances

Posted by Miki Odawa on January 27, 2008
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by Staci Newsom

In this world we face many problems. The big ones like health care, employment, housing and education are the most important to me. I believe that housing, education, freedom from discrimination in the workplace and in society are also high priorities. Even when I was at the lowest points of my life. I still thought that these things were the most important issue of our times. These issues are so huge for an introvert like me to contemplate because they are so tough. I get really upset when I have to think about them.

Who Needs Transgender Awareness Week?

Posted by Miki Odawa on December 5, 2007
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by C. Michael Woodward

Trans Awareness Week came about because my friend and co-founder, Jessica Pettitt believed that if trans folks only got to be in the spotlight once a year, it wasn’t right that the Day of Remembrance gave the world only a tragic view of our lives and struggles, and left no room for celebrating the talent, beauty, and diversity that is the trans and allied community.

The Stonewall Rebellion: Whose Riot Is It Anyway?

Posted by Miki Odawa on June 26, 2007
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By C. Michael Woodward

Each year the LGBT community celebrates its pride in June to mark the anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion, an event considered by most as the “shot heard ’round the world” for the gay rights movement.

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on another side of Stonewall–one you likely have not heard as much about.

On Closets

Posted by Miki Odawa on March 16, 2007
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by Erin Russ

It is interesting to look at the broad spectrum of our society.

When I worked with delinquent youth, I saw a lot of closets…

Just How Out Should a Transwoman Be?

Posted by Miki Odawa on March 11, 2007
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by Alison Davison

There is a classic debate among transsexual people about the importance of passing. Passing well enough to feel comfortable moving through life is pretty important. One does not want to have a gender discussion everywhere all of the time. I want to buy groceries, go to a restaurant, or use a public restroom without giving a lecture or debating my rights. That said, I wonder about the importance some transwomen and men put on living stealth.