(Desert Girlz Social Group has had a name change)

Make-up tips and makeovers


The group has not had a gender change though, so all trans identifying folks please come on out for some social time away from the support group setting.

This month we’ll be at Kristyn’s house out on the west side off Speedway for a gathering near the foothills of the Tucson Mts.  The theme is makeup tips and help.  Agreeably maybe not high on many trans folks list of help topics, but we won’t all be in front of mirrors!

Kristyn is lining up a friend and makeup artist to come help us with our ‘presentation’.  She will do make-overs on as many as want to that she can get done.  The makeup artist suggests those interested in make-overs come with a magazine photo or other picture of the look they’re going for; and come to the meeting either without makeup on, or with a good picture of themselves without makeup on.

The rest of us can share tips and ideas between us or just engage in getting to know each other better.  There’s little time after the support groups so here’s the chance to get to know your other trans members in SAGA in a casual less hurried setting.

The address and phone of Kristyn’s house will be sent out via email if you have left your email with SAGA at a Desert Girlz meeting in the last 3 gatherings.  If not and you want the address, send an email to: and ask to be added to the emailing.

As an extra opportunity, if interested, some may put together a group to leave from Kristyn’s and grab a bite to eat after the meeting on the way home.  There are lots of good eating places to pick from nearby.