• Presenter and audience during SAGA ATWork training

ATWork - The Arizona Transgender Workplace Project

Employer outreach and education program providing tools and resources for employers, service providers, government agencies, medical providers and non-profits.

Working with the Transgender Community

Since 1998, SAGA's ATWork project has been instrumental in training employers, service providers, business owners, governmental agencies and non-profits on how to create more transgender inclusive workplaces.

ATWork workshops are taylored to meet the unique needs of your agency.

They may include the following topics as they apply based on an initial needs assessment visit.

  • Terms and concepts
  • Diversity within the transgender community
  • Unique community challenges
  • Transgender people in the community
  • Transgender people and the law
  • Industry best practices
  • Practical steps
  • Situational awareness

Training Rates
Non-profit - $150/hour
Corporation - $250/hour

Initial training needs assessment and planning is free.
On-site consulting and assistance visits are $75.00/hour.

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